A temperamental ride that’s worth getting on.

Fascinating “I Act I Am”, an anthology film, shows three actors whose lives merge with the parts they play.

The material is unique. I found myself mesmerized by each chapter in the triptych.
(member of SEEFEST program committee)

But the point here, and in this kind of films, is to keep the rythm of every story, and to connect each story to the other, not only on a thematic level, but on the visual aspect as well, and this is exactly what Mandic made in the film, he created a crescendo through the three stories, reaching the climax of the theme he has chosen by the end of the film. - I Act I Am.pdf


Mandic's triptich 'I Act, I am' adds to the genre a delicately lucid and humorous bow, succeeds in putting life and film in such a symbiosis, that neither one of them stays intact.


One of the last season's best films. It is a respectful and honest tribute to film actors. Finally, it is a painfully revealing reflection, the beauty of which springs out of its' consistence.


Primarily, if not entirely, 'I Act, I Am' is an actors' film, also in regard to how well the actresses and actors have performed their 'becoming' the one that they play.