While researching or playing a role, an actor decides to quit acting and live the life of their character instead.


While preparing for the part of a thief, a young actress begins stealing in real life. Having exceeded her character's traits, she is frustrated on the set and after the conflict with the director leaves the shoot. A theatre actor is offered to play a bum in a movie. During his research for the part, he wanders around shelters trying to make friends with the homeless. Freedom of a lifestyle without duties overwhelms him. An actor and an actress are playing a passionate couple in a TV soap. After the production is over, he pursues her, claiming to be in love. The actress insists what they did in front of the camera has nothing to do with their private lives, but the actor obsessively persists.

director's note

This triptych is conceived in a way that stories feed off of each other, the impact of one main character complimenting the other two. Character studies explore social issues of a particular environment, while preserving the main idea - in each story, an actor pursues the quest their emotions demand. A complete identification of an actor with their character can be quite ambivalent - could the transformation of a performance into real life become an ultimate form of acting?