Founded in 2005, FILMOSTOVJE is a production company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are devoted to conceiving, producing and promoting documentary and low budget fiction films. Subjects range from human rights and environmental concern to drama and comedy. Our projects so far:

  • I ACT, I AM, fiction feature (Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2018)
  • ADRIA BLUES, fiction feature (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2013)
  • SEARCHING FOR JOHNNY, feature documentary (Slovenia/USA, 2009)
  • PLANET OF THE FUTURE, television documentary (Slovenia, 2009)
  • BORDERLINE LOVERS, feature documentary (Bosnia & Herzegovina/Czech Republic/Slovenia, 2005)

In development:

  • SANREMO, fiction feature (Slovenia)
  • FIREFLY SEASON, fiction (Slovenia/USA)

Other activities include script doctoring, rewrites and dramaturgy for feature films, with a variety of clients in Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, Greece and USA.