Johnny Appleseed was a pioneer closely connected with nature, a missionary inspired by Swedenborg`s visions and a nurseryman who prepared land for colonists. Predicting directions in which the newcomers would settle, he moved barefoot and unarmed through the Indian land. The natives thought of him as one of their own and called him a medicine man. But what happened when there was not enough space for both the Indians and the settlers?

The main characters in our film are modern day 'Johnny Appleseeds'. Bill Jones, a fund development consultant, has spent fifteen years building an amphitheater in the Ohio wilderness, in order to put on a play about Johnny's life. Hank Ruppertsberger, a New Hampshire high school principal, spent an entire summer walking from Massachusetts to Indiana, along the Appleseed trails. As a young processing engineer at a Silicon Valley company, John Kolling decided to quit it all and grow apples.

While following their stories, we learn about our main character - however controversial, it turns out that Johnny Appleseed was an entrepreneur and a visionary.